WFH – Release Notes


Recent Updates as of February 17, 2021

Security > Firewall & Antivirus

- Fixed the issue with Antivirus check. Refer to Product State to get the Antivirus status if no timestamp is returned

Updates as of February 8, 2021

Major Update

- Enhanced User Interface

System Requirements > PC Properties

- Identify and display System Type

- Detect and display ALL Hard Drives

Network Connection

- Check if user is connected to VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Security > Windows Update

- Revised the function to check if Windows Update is WITHIN 30 days

- Display the Windows Original Install Date

- Check Windows Activation

- Display the Latest Patch Installed and the Patch Install Date

Security > Summary

- Send Summary Report email to multiple recipients

- Added CC field to CC recipients on the Summary Report email

Updates as of June 5, 2020

Network Connection Check

- Updated Network Connection functions based on

- Speed test against MotivIT's Speed Test Server located in Fremont, California

Antivirus Check

- Fixed issue on AV status being detected as "updated" instead of "outdated"

- Fixed issue on not detecting some AV name and status

Windows Version Check

- Fixed issue on detecting OS version as "updated" instead of "outdated"

Updates as of May 12, 2020

Network Connection Check

- Fix issue with checking the Windows Version within 30 days inclusive today's date


February 17, 2021 - WFH Readiness Check 1.3.1

February 8, 2021 - WFH Readiness Check 1.3

June 5, 2020 - WFH Readiness Check 1.2

May 12, 2020 - WFH Readiness Check 1.1

May 6, 2020 - WFH Readiness Check 1.0

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