Network Operations CenterWe monitor and maintain the networks that support our clients 24/7, ensuring uncompromised ongoing network performance, security and reliability, as well as immediate problem resolution.

‘Always On’, Ready To Respond!

The Network Operations Center operates 24/7/365 to monitor and manage mission-critical IT infrastructure systems that includes data centers, servers, firewalls, routers and switches. The NOC assists clients with real-time network management, monitoring and support where most incidents are usually resolved before requiring further escalation. Our trained and skilled NOC agents work closely together with the Global Service Desk to ensure complete network reliability, security and efficiency.

Responsible for monitoring IT infrastructure health, security and capacity on client environments, the Network Operations Center (NOC) proactively watches anomalous activities to ensure optimal network system performance to maximize organizational productivity.

24/7/365 Availability

Our goal is to maintain 100% infrastructure uptime for all our clients. The NOC operates all year round, even during afterhours, weekends and public holidays.

Incident Identification & Response Handling

We keep an eye on your systems while you keep an eye on your business. MotivIT works with your tools, and your processes, just like an extension of your staff.

Trained NOC Agents

Fully trained on handling the event monitoring and escalation process, when something goes wrong, you can expect the NOC to follow up right away.

Supported Platforms and Vendors

We work with a wide variety of hardware and software vendors ensuring rapid and accurate troubleshooting and remediation.

Patch Management

Keeping your network environment up to date and in-line with industry standards and best practices with latest firmware upgrades and patches/service packs.

Reduce Operational Costs

Proactive and preventive maintenance of your core infrastructure – servers, firewalls, routers, switches, workstations and applications.

Through our custom MotivIT ONE platform, clients will have exclusive insight into their IT operational performance and will be able to spend more time focusing on the business instead of solving break/fix issues as they arise.

Business Day

9 AM to 5 PM local timezones (Pacific Standard Time - PST, China Standard Time - CST). Calls are answered and supported by our Global Service Desk (GSD)

After Hours

6 PM to 8 AM weekdays and
24/7 weekend support provided by our Network Operations Center (NOC)

24×7 Support

For mission-critical support,
we can deliver up to 24/7 comprehensive support round-the-clock delivered by our GSD and NOC teams

Ticketing System

MotivIT operates a highly customized ticketing system that is accessible 24/7 which collects all customer support requests in a centralized location

We assists customers with Network Management, Monitoring, and Support

The Network Operations Center monitors and identifies high-impact IT issues. Our NOC is staffed 24/7/365 to assist customers with network management, monitoring, and support. NOC technicians are on-call to provide state-of-the-science technical assistance, network management, and monitoring services with the utilization of the tools necessary to ensure network reliability and efficiency.

MotivIT houses NOC experts equipped with state-of-the-arts tools dedicated in maintaining round the clock service support that ensures network integrity and maintenance, troubleshooting issues with lightning quick response without sacrificing quality enabling efficient production.

We ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity by providing you with unparalleled centralized service system that provides 24/7/365 support that monitors and manages your network infrastructure. Ensuring quick and precise troubleshooting operation should any issues arise and taking preventive measures safe-guarding you from any recurring issues and malicious threats that pose problem to your company’s productivity.

24/7 Network Monitoring

The NOC closely monitors every client’s network through advanced network monitoring tools. If any issues/incident arises, the NOC team acts swiftly and proceeds with our standard operating procedures, unrelentingly resolving the issue/incident ensuring client's satisfaction, network availability and seamlessly reducing any network disruption maintaining a healthy and outstanding network.

Sample list of devices & services watched by the NOC:
• Firewalls
• Routers
• Switches

24/7 Server Monitoring

Servers are the backbone of any organization. A typical server hosts crucial applications and software used by your company and stores valuable data. Our NOC team is equipped with advanced network monitoring tools enabling them to have a birds-eye view of your IT infrastructure systems, never missing any anomalies received through automated alerts. The team acts swiftly whenever an alert is received by analyzing, remediating and escalating any issues ensuring your key systems are fully operational.

Sample list of systems & resources watched by the NOC:

• CPU utilization
• Input / Output
• Voltage

• Bandwidth
• Internal Temperature

• Performance Counters
• Memory
• System & Application Events

• Disk Space
• Power Supplies

Standard Incident Handling Procedure

The NOC Support Team’s ticket handling procedures:

1. NOC Support to react immediately after receiving issues or requests via email, monitoring tool or call.
2. A ticket will be created by NOC support to properly document the issue and for the clients to be updated regarding the issue.
- If the issue is critical, it is necessary to update the ticket every 30 minutes
3. NOC support will triage the issue together with a troubleshooting then resolve.
4.If NOC support cannot handle the issue, it will then have escalated to Tier 2 or appropriate team.
5. If Tier 2 cannot solve the issue, it will be escalated to Tier 3.
6. If Tier 3 also cannot solve the issue, third - party Vendors will be conducted until issue has been resolved.
7. Update the client and close the ticket.

Our NOC services clients are provided with a dedicated web portal that provides complete insight into the NOC activities. It contains an executive dashboard that displays key metrics of incidents handled by the NOC as well as standard and customized reports based on events, incidents and performance data available.

Solution Overview

We offer three simple plans that will meet your challenges and requirements:


< 10 Users/ Devices


< 250 Users/Devices

Our most popular plan!


> 250 Users/Devices

24/7 Remote Monitoring & Management All devices (servers, firewalls, routers, end user workstations) are continuously monitored and managed for top performance.
Support Hotline Access to live dispatch agents during business hours for prompt assistance in support coordination and general inquiries.
24/5 Afterhours Support Fielding of Tier 1 support incidents by the Network Operations Center during non-business hours.
24/7 Support Round-the-clock Tier 1 support incidents by the Network Operations Center including weekends and holidays.
Quarterly Business Reviews Assessment of the current state of IT vs established objectives and continue to work on successfully achieving those goals.
Monthly Reports Obtain operational insight into your IT performance through useful metrics in dashboards all accessible by our custom client portal.
Real-time Triage & Resolution Live GSD & NOC agents assess incoming incidents in real-time & in most instances are able to resolve the problem right away.
Knowledge Base System for storing and updating client support processes and procedures, workflows and documentation.
External Escalations To escalate and follow-up on incidents with 3rd parties externally such as ISPs, hardware and software vendors for complete troubleshooting and resolution.
IT Process Automation & Customization Utilize standard NOC runbook automation procedures and customize suitable incident management processes to fully support client environment requirements.
Root Cause Analysis Perform post-mortem of critical incidents to generate root cause analysis and corrective actions.
Dedicated NOC Web Portal Provides executive summaries in the form of dashboards as well as NOC support activities. Standard and custom reports based on event, incident and performance data are available from the portal.
Dedicated Client Portal A platform where Client IT performance can be monitored with shareable digital files & information stored for authorized users access only. Clients can also generate monthly reports in a pdf format.
Unlimited Remote Support Fielding of Tier 1/2/3 support incidents by the Global Service Desk during business hours. Break/fixes, administrative tasks and software changes and installations as needed. All other tasks considered as “out of scope” and will be quoted accordingly.

Response Time
Resolution Time (subject to nature of issue)

1 hour
Same day

30 mins
< 4 hrs

15 mins
< 1 hr
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We monitor and maintain the networks that support our clients 24/7, ensuring uncompromised ongoing network performance, security and reliability, as well as immediate problem resolution.