Service Level Agreement

We adhere to standard SLAs as well as customize service levels based on your needs.

Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: January 01, 2020

1. General Overview

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the minimum level of services offered to Clients who subscribe and avail to MotivIT professional services. The goal is to ensure the reliability and timeliness of the services provided by MotivIT and define metrics for measuring these service levels. Some of the services described may or may not be available and Clients are to reference their Statement of Work (SOW) for further details.

2. Service Description

2.1 Scope

This Service Level Agreement scope is limited to professional services offered under MotivIT. These include:

  • Global Service Desk
  • Network Operations Center
  • Managed IT Services

Support is always rendered by the most efficient method, primarily via remote access services but also via phone, email (support tickets) and on-site visits where necessary and approved.

2.2 Description of Services Provided

MotivIT is committed to provide solutions that are designed to assist you and includes:

Global Service Desk

1. Offers access to live dispatch agents during business hours for prompt assistance in support coordination and general inquiries.
2. Provides unlimited2 Remote Support, fielding of Tier 1/2/3 support incidents during business hours.

- TIER 1 SUPPORT: Gathers all information from the end user, analyzes it, and determines the best solution for the problem. Tier 1 also filters helpdesk calls and provides basic support and troubleshooting (i.e., password resets, printer configurations, break/fix instructions).

- TIER 2 SUPPORT: Generally handles break/fix, configuration issues, higher levels of troubleshooting, software installations, hardware fault diagnosis as well as preparation of support documentation.

- TIER 3 SUPPORT: Conducts research and implements solutions for new issues. Performs system administration, troubleshooting, configuration, database administration and repairs for servers, network and other IT infrastructure related issues.

3. Onsite Support is at MotivIT’s discretion, Client will be provided a quote and may include additional fees such as travel time and/or higher hourly rates may apply depending on the case.
4. Support requests are applicable only towards reported incidents for managed resources only. Anything related to project work and activities are out of scope and will need to be quoted and billed accordingly.
5. Perform post-mortem of critical incidents to generate root cause analysis1 and corrective actions.

Network Operations Center

1. Monitor3 and maintain at least 99% target infrastructure uptime that support clients 24/7/3654, ensuring uncompromised ongoing network performance, security and reliability, as well as timely problem resolution.

- Deploy RMM (remote monitoring & management) solutions where feasible and NMS (network management system) solutions to provide 24/7 monitoring and alerting for all devices (servers, firewalls, routers, end-user workstations) and to identify issues rapidly and addressed proactively.

2. Patch management. Automated deployment of critical patches, security fixes and service packs at MotivIT discretion (where advisable/safe/possible).
3. Handles event monitoring and escalation processes.

- To update Client during critical service incidents through ticketing system.

- To escalate and follow-up on incidents with 3rd parties externally such as ISPs, hardware and software vendors for complete troubleshooting and resolution.

4. Provides Tier 1 support for incidents during non-business hours (weekends & holidays).
5. Offers assistance during non-business hours for support coordination with P1 incidents only.
6. Perform post-mortem of critical incidents to generate root cause analysis and corrective actions.

Managed IT Services

1. Source, procure and track IT hardware and software.
2. Create and maintain Client-specific documentation that may include physical and logical network diagrams, photographs of facility and systems, IT asset inventory and password databases. All documentation are per MotivIT’s sole discretion and determined on a case to case basis depending on the needs of Client’s environment.
3. Periodic meetings and communication with Client to review IT performance.
4. Manage our Client’s key infrastructure which include Microsoft operating systems and their common components (Exchange, SQL, etc). MotivIT does not install, configure, troubleshoot or support any non-Microsoft or third party software or applications. These requests are to be directed to the manufacturers or vendors whom support such systems directly.
5. MotivIT at its sole discretion may make good-faith and commercially reasonable efforts to troubleshoot and assist with any server or desktop application if requested by Client, prior to escalating the case to the manufacturer or an appropriate third party vendor.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 MotivIT Responsibilities

MotivIT will provide the technology, agent, processes and monitoring tools necessary to deliver the services availed by the Client as described in this document, in addition to:

  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to individual incidents and service requests.
  • Appropriately manage Client communications, including notification of all scheduled maintenance.
  • Provide appropriately trained professional technical agents.
  • Generate automated Monthly Reports to our Clients through our dedicated Client Portal.

3.2 Client Responsibilities

Client responsibilities in support of this Agreement include:

  • Utilize the standard contact methods for requesting service assistance. (Section 4.1)
  • Provide the following information when submitting a support request:
  • - Name, email address & contact number
    - Detailed description of technical issue
    - Remote access to the hardware/software as required
  • Consult with your Technical Account Manager (TAM) prior to purchasing any hardware or software that will be supported by MotivIT.
  • Notify MotivIT of any subscription changes in a timely manner, including adding of new subscriber, cancelling service when an employee leaves the department, or changing service plans.
  • To notify MotivIT Support as soon as possible in the event of a fatal or severe service issue.
  • Hardware supported must have an existing manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All hardware and software must be commercial grade (intended for business use).
  • Client must maintain third party support agreements for specialized applications.
  • All software must be legally licensed.
  • Client must have an approved and functioning backup solution (if none available, SLA will be unavailable for incidents related).
  • All software in use must still be actively supported by the manufacturer.
  • Client must have a commercially acceptable antivirus solution.
  • Client must have a broadband internet connection.
  • All hardware and software solutions must be properly scaled for the task.
  • Client to provide MotivIT reasonable access and support maintenance windows for systems supported.
  • Client must have a designated point of contact for MotivIT.
  • Client must have an approved firewall.
  • MotivIT must have access to Client’s systems during business hours.

4. Service Management

4.1 Service Request

Clients may contact MotivIT through the following methods:
1. Support Portal ( This is the recommended method for requesting service. Our Support Portal Ticketing System allows Clients to create support incidents using their email address and is accessible 24 hrs/day and 7 days a week. All tickets are routed to appropriate support agents who are available to assist and Clients can keep track of their ticket’s progress directly on the Support Portal. Requests made using the Support Portal Ticketing System will be processed base on SLA.
2. Support Email ( Clients may choose to submit requests via email that will be processed and automatically generate a ticket on our Support Portal Ticketing System to keep all requests organized.
3. Support Hotline (877-350-3300). Our Support hotline is always available during business hours for prompt assistance in support coordination and general inquiries.

4.2 Software and Hardware Purchasing

Prior to purchasing any new hardware (i.e. computers, printers, servers, etc.) or software after Client onboarding phase, Clients must contact their respective MotivIT Technical Account Manager (TAM) for assistance with specifications and ordering. This is to ensure a standard environment is maintained as failure to adhere will result in SLA not being guaranteed for those items.

5. Hours of Operation, Response and Resolution Times

5.1 Hours of Operation

Service coverage is provided during the following hours:

  • Business Hours 9 AM to 5 PM local time zones (Pacific Standard Time - PST, China Standard Time - CST) Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
  • After Hours Support 6 PM to 8 AM weekdays and 24/7 weekend support provided by our Network Operations Center (NOC).

5.2 Response & Resolution Time

MotivIT shall provide you with an acknowledgment of the Priority Levels Requests and will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond as necessary. Response times will not exceed the times shown, and we will attempt our best efforts to respond sooner if possible. Resolution time will vary depending on the severity of the issue; factors such as vendor hardware or software support are not always within MotivIT control. MotivIT will take steps to provide temporary workarounds while a viable and long-term solution is being worked on.

Priority Levels









Multiuser, no workaround

Directly affects the company or end user and identified to be critical to the business.

(ie: Production Server down)

30 mins

30 mins

4 hours

4 hours


Multiuser, workaround available

Describes a situation where production system(s) down or severely degraded, impacting significant aspects of business operations.

(ie: Wireless down, wired LAN is still available)

1 hour

1 hour

8 hours

8 hours


Single user, no workaround

Describes a situation where an individual’s PC or end-user service is impacted or a production system(s) is degraded.

(ie: Laptop display not working)

Same day

Same day

2 business days

2 business days


Single user, workaround available

Affects a user or site with low business impact and is non-urgent. Non-critical, with no critical time dependencies.

(ie: Inability to print)

Same day

Same day

5 business days

5 business days



Requests for new hardware, software, or access and control changes.

(ie: Software installation request)

Next business day

Next business day

10 business days

10 business days

Performance Goals. MotivIT will determine whether we have met any of the Services Goals described below and the service levels under this SLA. We reserve the right to change or discontinue Services Goals and service levels.

Response Time Goal. The Response Time Goal is measured from the time an issue is first reported to us by Client until the issue has been responded to with an initial email or phone call. Resolution of the issue is not considered part of the Response Time Goal.

5.3 Escalation

If there are issues with the processing of a service request, please refer to the following escalation channels (See Escalation Contact Information) .Your request will be promptly reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken where necessary.

6. Service Availability

The following table shows the translation from a given availability percentage to the corresponding amount of time a system would be unavailable.




99% (“two nines”)

3.15 days

1.40 hours

99.9% (“three nines”)

8.45 hours

10.4 minutes

99.99% (“four nines”)

52.35 minutes

1.05 minutes

99.999% (“five nines”)

5.15 minutes

6.0 seconds

7. Maintenance and Outage Communications

MotivIT strives to minimize unintended service disruptions as a result of changes in the production environment. Any upcoming and planned Maintenance are announced ahead of time with details. MotivIT also utilizes our proprietary Watchlist Portal that gives our support agents a unified view on all network events internally and externally.

MotivIT’s key infrastructure systems health can be viewed by Clients via our Infrastructure Status Dashboard (View here).

8. Pricing/Cost/Budget Information

To get the latest pricing, please contact your TAM or reach out to our Sales Department via email at

MotivIT website also features an Cost Calculator page ( that automatically calculates an indicative pricing based on details provided of your IT infrastructure technology environment. An actual quotation will be provided upon review with our Sales Team.

9. Additional Service Details

Some customers may require other services such as Global Onsite Support and other customized services. These are not covered by this SLA and will be elaborated on their respective literature and documentation.

10. Exclusions

Service Exclusions. All Services provided under this SLA is conditioned on Client’s compliance with each of the following conditions:

  • Client shall be in compliance with the Agreement, including all Exhibits and this SLA.
  • Client shall be in compliance with all manuals and instructions for hardware and software.
  • Client shall not have altered the software, shall have used only Supported Software and shall have complied with all configuration requirements.

Excluded Services. Services rendered under this SLA do not include:

  • Implementation of products or delivery of services not listed on this SLA.
  • Cost of any software, licensing, or software renewal or upgrade fees of any kind.
  • Cost of any 3rd party vendor or manufacturer support or incident fees of any kind.
  • Evaluation of Client’s current practices, policies and procedures for the purposes of performance improvement.
  • Use of the Equipment for a purpose for which it was not designed.
  • Damage caused by viruses, spyware or lack of firewall and basic system protection measures.
  • Training service of any kind.
  • Service interruptions, deficiencies, degradations or delays due to any access lines, cabling or equipment provided by third parties.
  • Service and repair made necessary by the repair, alteration or modification of equipment covered by this SLA, other than that authorized by us or an authorized service provider.
  • Repairs, alterations, software installations or modifications of equipment made by employees or representatives of Client.
  • Recoveries of any software, data, file structures, or file security due to a crashed hard drive.
  • Maintenance of applications software packages, whether acquired from us or any other source.
  • Programming (modification of software code) and program (software) maintenance.
  • Periods of scheduled maintenance and required repairs.
  • Causes beyond our control.
  • Downtimes that occur as a result of power or heat issues.
  • Causes that are not reasonably foreseeable, including but not limited to, interruption or failure of telecommunications links or Internet slow-downs or failures.
  • 3rd party patches to Client’s Network or patches to applications.
  • Out-of-date Client contact information.
  • Any major changes, such as a version upgrade or complete reinstallation in operating system or Microsoft application such as SQL or Exchange.
  • Any major change such as a version upgrade or replacement in major application such as ERP or Accounting Systems.
  • Activities related to any lawsuit, legal inquiry, e-discovery or other unforeseen request.

Service Date Exceptions. Service exceptions to coverage during holidays:




New Year

January 1

Limited Support5

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

Limited Support5

Independence Day

July 4

Limited Support5

Labor Day

First Monday of September

Limited Support5


Fourth Thursday & Friday of November

Limited Support5


December 25

Limited Support5

11. SLA Maintenance and Review

MotivIT’s SLA is reviewed on an annual basis or otherwise as needed. Any revisions will be communicated and published on our MotivIT Website. The latest SLA will be posted at the following location and made available to all Clients: /service-level-agreement/

12. Termination of the SLA

MotivIT reserves the right to amend or cancel this SLA at any time, at its sole discretion, effective 30 days after providing email notice. If a Client objects to the SLA changes, they may terminate services immediately.

13. Approvals

MotivIT Executive Management team is responsible for reviewing this document with final approval from the Board of Directors.

14. Terms Used

This section provides the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to understand this document.
1 Root Cause Analysis – Provided to identify the root cause of a problem. For SMB and Enterprise service packages only.
2 Unlimited - No limit to the number of incidents that can be logged by the Client. MotivIT bases the cost of this service on the basis of the monthly support not exceeding a reasonable amount of support hours. Should the hours of support increase tremendously (ie out of norm compared to other similar sized Clients), both parties will convene within 14 days to review the incidents and agree to a plan to either reduce the number of incidents raised or amend the support contract with any associated costs necessary.
3 Monitor the following:

a. Incidents: Events that occur when the service reaches or exceeds a specified condition.
b. Outages: Incidents that result in key services, such as data or call centers, becoming unavailable (going offline).
c. Downtime: The total elapsed time of an incident.
d. Availability: The amount of time that a service is operational.

4 24/7/365 - Operates during afterhours, weekends and public holidays.
5 Limited Support – Limited number of agents to assist issues or incidents.
*Resolution Time - Resolution is provided on an ASAP and best-effort basis, where the incident is resolved and productivity is resumed. Any long-term steps that may be required to accomplish a permanent solution will be separately addressed.

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We adhere to standard SLAs as well as customize service levels based on your needs.